This program is only a Beta Version:
-the game was only tested on
Oberon System 3 for Windows, with
Images v. 1.01 and Gfx v.1.63.
-Minimal Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768.
-Only Ten levels.

If you test the game on another system,
you have some hints (or critics) or
if you find some bugs please send an
E-mail to:

Note :

A fast computer is recommended to have a good frame-rate.
You can test the game speed with:
Optimal frame-rate is 50 fps.


To Play the game you need :

- Oberon System3

- Module Images v. 1.01

- Module Gfx v. 1.63

How to Install:

1) Unzip to "\Oberon\Work\"

2) Start Oberon

3) Open Ark050.Tool
Edit.Open Ark051.Tool

4) Extract the game files from Ark051.Arc
Compress.ExtractAll Ark051.Arc~

5) Install Images v. 1.01 and Gfx v.1.63
Desktops.OpenDoc Images.Tool~
Desktops.OpenDoc Gfx.Tool~

6) Enjoy The Game!

Special Thanks to:
HeHo for Alpha & Beta testing
E.Oswald for Gfx and Images
P. Muller for various hints

© 2000 C.Hatz & D.Frank